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Artist Ellen French

Ellen French began painting and drawing at an early age, deciding upon a career in the arts in high school.  After high school French attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  During that time her mother became terminally ill and French was needed at home to care for her younger siblings.  French enrolled at West Los Angeles College and decided to concentrate her artistic talents on fine art and painting.  

French became interested in printmaking and studied etching at U.C. L.A., later joining “St. Jives” printmaking studio co-op in Venice, CA.  As a painter, monoprints and collage became a natural medium of choice though painting was still a primary focus.  French often uses both mediums and figurative and abstraction to “mix it up a bit” and has done several series using these disciplines. 

French is a California native, who greatly appreciates the geographic diversity of the Golden State and finds this an endless inspiration for her art.  

French uses the power of the brush and her love of color to develop her series of “fantasy landscapes” and her love of line to develop the challenge of working in an abstract/non-representational format – essentially creating something from nothing.  French notes that artists such as Kandinsky and Charles Burchfield as having an influence on her art but discovered that her work also resides more in the abstract expressionist vein of Milton Resnick, Richard Pausette-dart and Mark Tobey. 

“I approach my painting intuitively to convey a sense of tranquility and spiritual awareness, hoping to stretch the viewer’s imagination and lead them into a meditative journey.  Art goes hand in hand with the deeper level spirituality has for the ability to look beyond reality.”


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