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Artist June Yokell

My current paintings are influenced by specific aspects of nature, particularly by trees and water; by the movement of, by light on, by shadows and reflections, by the power of, by fluidity, or by calming abilities.  Many of the recent paintings are the result of walks along the Corte Madera Creek.

While the subject of my paintings is derived from water, with all its variations; reflections, shadows, submerged feelings, memory, etc., my paintings are primarily about paint and how paint is used.  I’m an oil painter and there is something about the inherent nature of oil paints I find beautiful. The scale of my work runs from large, 45” x 92”, to fairly small, 12” x 30”.  I particularly like working on a scale that is larger than my height, so I feel that the painting is just a bit out of my control while simultaneously engulfing me.  My work has been a real coalition of representation and abstraction, but lately it’s been moving further and further towards abstraction while maintaining its connection with the subject of water.

Note: My Studio is now open every Sunday from 2:00 Pm to 5:00 Pm

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